Friday, 7 March 2008

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Health, health, health darling!: Eating is a SIN?

I spent 1998/1999 with extreme symptoms of a serious eating disorder. It started after I had my first child. I say I had the symptoms of an eating disorder at this time, because it never really goes away. I have had an unhealthy relationship with food and the mirror, all of my life. The 2 years after I had my first child were a time when I REALLY lost control. As a child in school, all the way from as young as 11 to being 18... I would save my lunch money and eat nothing! My teens were full of yo-yo dieting, starving and bingeing yet nothing became a really serious problem during this time.

Things got really bad, however, after I had my baby girl in 1998....

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Scott's, What's Hot?: What's he got under the hood?

Reading this month’s Details magazine, I came across an article called “Is Being Well Hung the Key to Happiness?” and that got me thinking about why, exactly, big cocks rule the world.
Ladies, have you ever seen a man walk into a room who captured everyone’s attention? Why were you drawn to him – his eyes, his stride, the cut of his jean, his hair? It’s because he was oozing sexuality and confidence. And you could feel it from across the room, couldn’t you?

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The SINful Intellectual: The Neglected Spankability of the Girl Next Door

Why is it that in a universe so full of possibilities, there exists only one traditionally accepted notion of beauty? The human clone of the Mattel doll set on this earth solely to destroy the self-esteem of young brunettes. Ironically, if you ask anyone to define what exactly makes this cookie cutter, bleached blonde, silicone enhanced, collagen injected centerfold type so alluring, they unanimously reject the notion that it's even remotely sexy. "She does nothing for me, baby. You are way hotter than Pamela Anderson." Really? Because I don't think television networks would pay me millions to run down a beach in slow motion, so fucking zip it...

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